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Praise for "The Velveteen Yarmulke"


"This book was so honest and real, it instantly became one of my favorite things! You get a bagel! You get a bagel! Everybody gets a bagel!" - Oprah Winfrey 


"I laughed so hard, the Nazis found me!" - Anne Frank 


"Can someone teach me how to read so I can laugh at the Jews too?" - Honey Boo-Boo





Praise for "Witty With a Chance of Shitty"


This book made me realize it's time to confront my sexuality" - Tom Cruise


"I cried more than I did when I filmed Schindlers List." - Stephen Spielberg 


I know I'm the master of horror, but this was some freaky shit." - Steven King

Praise for "Faggoty Anne"


"I peed myself! Not from the book, I literally have a bladder problem." - Amy Schumer 


"I don't get it, isn't dressing up as a woman cultural appropriation?" - Kim Kardashian 


"Who the fuck is Fagel Bagel?" - Michelle Obama